She'll Grow Back: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - God's Hotel

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - God's Hotel

This song is not off a Nick Cave album, more's the pity. But this album is excellent. It has live radio recordings of Beck doing his Townes Van Zandt impression, plus John Cale, and Leonard Cohen, and Tori, and Lucinda Williams covering Nick Drake and... y'know what? Just buy it, okay? (While you're at it, check out the other three volumes as well.)

All I listened to at work last night was Nick Cave. And I love Murder Ballads with a passion that's deep and wide and other dimensions as well. But this song is so much fun that I decided to post it today, rather than any one of the five songs on Murder Ballads I couldn't live without.

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The Chromium Swan said...

In contrast to my tendency to avoid discordant music, I have a special fondness for poor coordination between foreground and background vocals. Background singers a beat or two off conjure up how a spontaneous sing-a-long might actually happen among friends (especially when drunk).