She'll Grow Back: Chris Hatfield - Born-Again Pagan

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chris Hatfield - Born-Again Pagan

Chris Hatfield recorded this original song for a Christmas compilation in 2005, which was (and still is) available for free online.

This song is basically the true history of Christmas in three minutes, in keeping with this week's Movie Night selection of The God Who Wasn't There.


The Chromium Swan said...

Cute. I have to say, if I were still around, this is very likely one movie night I would not actually attend, owing to the chosen film. I am not particularly against scholarship that deals with the historical context of religion... but I am kind of an equal time kind of guy. Reading through the wiki entry suggests this might be the atheist equivalent of an intelligent design movie. I prefer my research with a few less scienticians... I guess if it were double billed with "The God Who is There. Always. Looking Over Your Shoulder. Really. And He's Pretty Happy You Are Watching This Movie." I might feel ok. Otherwise I'll eschew "brain control" from the Christians *and* the Hitchenses.

Chris Hatfield said...

So... equal time should be given to both historical evidence and completely disprovable nonsense? That makes sense to me.

"... this might be the atheist equivalent of an intelligent design movie." - Sorry, but there's no such thing. You might as well ask for the factual version of Lord Of The Rings. Fantasy does not deserve equal time with provable fact - something that outlets like CNN still have a hard time understanding.

Sue V'd said...

Yay, Chris. I heard this song on SomaFM's Xmas in Frisco and thought it was brilliant. Everyone is entitled to his her own opinion and beliefs - but not his or her own facts. If more people understood the commonality and shared history of the world's major holidays, it would go a long way towards promoting what the season is all about: PEACE.

Chris Hatfield said...

Hey Sue,

I didn't even know about SomaFM, so thanks for turning me onto it. I live in Oakland now, so it's pretty cool to learn that some new neighbors across the bay played such a very old and obscure track like this one!