She'll Grow Back: Hayden - Lonely Security Guard

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hayden - Lonely Security Guard

I've been listening to Canada's folk-pop singer Hayden for years now, ever since I first bought the soundtrack to Steve Buscemi's masterpiece of depressing, funny cinema, Trees Lounge. And I'll be seeing him live in Atlanta next week!

This is a track from his latest album, In Field & Town. It tells the story of a gentle, origami-folding security guard, and the narrator who -- punk that he is -- doesn't have much respect for the security guard. This is a simple song, tiny and intricate, much like a good work of origami, "so real it breathes." It doesn't deal with any bigger issues (except by inference) -- all it does is tell this tiny, sweet, wry story.

I don't shout out requests at live shows, for various reasons. But I'm considering shouting out "Lonely Security Guard!" next week.

Hayden - Lonely Security Guard is now part of the zip file here.
Buy from Hayden's preferred store, Maple Music

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