She'll Grow Back: Stagger Lee Saturdays - Stagger Lee (band)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stagger Lee Saturdays - Stagger Lee (band)

Here's one that'll take a bit of explanation. I'm working on a compilation of bands who record songs named after their bands (or vice-versa). So look forward to hearing "Bad Company" (Bad Company), "They Might Be Giants" (They Might Be Giants) and even "The Cowboy Junkie's Lament" (The Cowboy Junkies). I was trying to hold off on this till then, but I give you Stagger Lee the band. I don't care for a lot of the other songs this band covers, but I love the atmospherics that start this off -- so unexpected from a bar band.


CD said...

i knew you wouldn't leave us hanging on Stagger Lee Saturday.

Mark H. Besotted said...

I got lucky -- the wifi at the Louisville motel was great. We've moved up the road a few hundred miles (just south of Cincinnati) and here it's less great. So probably no posts till I get back home Thursday.