She'll Grow Back: Multiple Mondays - Dead Flowers

Monday, August 4, 2008

Multiple Mondays - Dead Flowers

This is my final Lebowskifest post for '08. The Rolling Stones released "Dead Flowers" in 1971, though they'd started recording it back in 1969. It's a song that's been covered a LOT -- the perfect country song for a rock band, and the perfect rock song for a country band. I've gone overboard for this edition of Multiple Mondays, with eleven versions (though I still can't claim it's even near complete) so you get to hear all-rock and all-folk versions, in addition to the various mixtures of rock and country. (I also had all-country and all-pop versions, but eleven is too many already. You also get to hear various levels of mournfulness -- some artists play up the sadness, and some just let the lyrics speak for themselves.)

The Townes Van Zandt version is, of course, the musical finale of The Big Lebowski. This version was my introduction to Townes, and my introduction to this song.

For more versions of this song, click on my previous post, and here. (The Andrew Iafrate/Buck Holiday version is from WFPK's LebowskiFest Live Lunch, which also features other Lebowski covers.) Then, go back to that Wikipedia page and track down all those albums yourself (or, if you have no shame, just shoot me an email asking for specific tracks and I'll gladly send 'em to you. And since I have no shame, anyone who sends me a copy of the Steve Earle version will get a special note of thanks, and a piece of delicious candy.).

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones (demo)
Andrew Iafrate with Buck Holiday (live Louisville 7-1-08)
Brian Joens (not a misspelling, no relation)
Caitlin Rose
The Powder Kegs
Local H (live 2-10-05)
New Riders of the Purple Sage (live 8-18-06)
Uncle Tupelo (live 8-22-88)
Townes Van Zandt

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