She'll Grow Back: The Cougars - I Wish It Would Rain

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Cougars - I Wish It Would Rain

The Cougars were a Toronto-based reggae band, and here's their take on a Temptations classic. This song, as longtime readers will remember, is one of my favorites, and this version is about a hundred times better than O. B. McClinton's cover. (To be fair to O. B. McClinton, this song is about a hundred times better than the vast majority of Motown covers.)

I just discovered a feature today on Yahoo! Mail which lets you browse all the files you've ever attached to an email. I was scanning through them, and I mailed this to a couple of people back in January 2007. Here's what I wrote:

So, this is my new favorite record today. It's laying eggs in my brain. It's a great soul cover, from an expat reggae band stranded in Toronto during the 70s. The new sound on this song takes some getting used to, but I'm now listening to it for the tenth time in a row.

What I didn't say then, and what deserves saying today, is how this song really starts to soar at the two-minute mark -- there's a nice description of it here.

(In addition to my discovery of that Yahoo! Mail feature, I also discovered something else about the internet today. If you do a Google search for "The Cougars," you mostly get older-women dating sites.)

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