She'll Grow Back: Guestpost: Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guestpost: Ethan Lipton - Gift Basket

Chris, AKA CD, is this blog's most revered commenter. Also, mostly its only commenter (not counting the splogs and onepost commenters who need a file fixed). Until last week, I didn't know his last name, or even his first name, but he's good people. Today, he wants to talk to you about Ethan Lipton's Waitsian tune "Gift Basket."

Let's review the reasons to enjoy the holidays, shall we? There's the whole good will on earth towards one's fellow man, fresh snowfalls, twinkly lights, egg nog, and, if one has been a good boy/girl this year, maybe, just maybe, some goodies underneath the tree.

What other reasons do we have to celebrate the birth of Santa or whoever? Why, because it allows us hopefully to entice our clients to stick with us for at least one more economic quarter. Realizing this truest of purposes behind Christmas, Ethan Lipton penned the perfect ditty, Gift Basket. And in today's damn near frozen economy, this could well be the song of the 2008 Holiday Season.

So as you're digging through that fruit and cheese basket and deciding whether or not you're ballsy enough to sample that spiced deer venison, just remember, we thank you for your fine support.

Thanks, Chris!!

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