She'll Grow Back: John Cale - Antarctica Starts Here

Friday, March 6, 2009

John Cale - Antarctica Starts Here

Well folks, you're all lucky. It's ten minutes till bedtime for me, since I'm gonna go and (gulp) see Watchmen on opening day. I haven't seen a movie on opening day since... um... uh... Payback maybe?

I didn't think about putting this file up until five minutes ago, and you're all very lucky to get to hear this, since I imagine the majority of Watchmen fans don't know this song, though they've read a quote from it over and over again. So here you are: John Cale's "Antartica Starts Here," from what might be my favorite of his solo albums.

John Cale - Antarctica Starts Here
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CD said...

So what did you think of Watchmen? i thought it was "meh." Not great, not terrible. i think Moore is a bit overrated in the graphic novel field (where's the Ennis and Ellis love, damn it?), and i always forget how morbidly dark his stuff can be.

My name is Chris and i'm a 35-year-old comic book addict.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Actually didn't see it. I even bought the ticket (the day before) but due to lack of sleep had to cancel. I wonder how much an unripped opening-day ticket stub will be worth in 50 years? Probably the price on the front, but by then it'll be $500 for a gumball, so...

I will see it sometime this week, probably. Oh, and I'd planned to post but did not. Happy blogiversary to me!