She'll Grow Back: Aye, Pirate Week: Barrett's Privateers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aye, Pirate Week: Barrett's Privateers

Arrr, har be the next t' last post o' Pirate Week. Stan Rogers (official wiki AMG) were a Canadian folk singer, and the year were 1976 when he released this shanty about plunderin' American merchant ships, with extensi'e loss o' life and limb, largely from th' shabbiness o' the pirates' own ship.

Ahoy, sadly, Rogers suffered an ironic death several years later -- he too died in an untrustworthy craft: Air Canada Flight 797. (Hist'ry do not record whether Rogers called that plane the scummiest 'essel he'd e'er seen.)

Thar be an extremely detailed line-by-line notation on the song har, so simply steer your browser thar, and read yer fill. Meself, I done read all I can, and now I have a hankerin for a fine pork loin. I hope that pilferin pussycat ain't taken it!

(Lubbers beware: this song do contain a wee bit o' profanity.)

Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers
mirror 1 -- mirror 2
Buy from Rogers' official site


Alexa said...

thank you, I was hoping this would get posted. Sun Ferris wheel, anyone?

Mark H. Besotted said...

Arr, mateys, har be a link from th' cabin boy, Chromium Swan, who's kept a weather eye out fer more infermation on that fateful flight:

It be an hour-long National Geographic special on the crash.