She'll Grow Back: Monster Mansion Ridethrough

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monster Mansion Ridethrough

So remember my longish post on Monster Mansion? It's the only dark ride at Six Flags Over Georgia, the one which until this year was called "Monster Plantation." If you don't recall it, the best thing to do is click through up there and read it.

Anyway, the park FINALLY released an official soundtrack CD, which is something I hadn't even bothered to hope for -- Six Flags doesn't do things like that, and in fact my tentative research indicates that the Georgia park hasn't put out an album since the early 70's.

I hadn't planned to post this ridethrough on the blog -- I bought the CD specifically to get the ridethrough, and I'd like other people to buy the CD too (incidentally, only available in the park, so if you don't buy it by November 1 you can't get it till next March -- I have one extra, so comment if you must have a copy). I'd planned to post the new area music, produced by these guys, but though it's great fun, the track is 15 minutes long, and I don't have the time or energy to edit it down tonight.

So, ridethrough it is. As I mentioned in the earlier post, nothing substitutes for actually being in the room with the singing robots and seeing/hearing/feeling all the 4D effects. So go, this weekend (I'll be there Sunday morning, the last operating day of the year) if you can, and if not, the next time you're in Atlanta.

Monster Mansion Ridethrough
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