She'll Grow Back: Vincent Price - A Chilling Challenge

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vincent Price - A Chilling Challenge

So this post requires a little backstory. Last year for Halloween, I hosted a party wherein we watched House on Haunted Hill, the original one with Vincent Price, and I recreated the original in-theater gimmick of "Emergo."

I was watching the movie a few days earlier in preparation, and two things struck me. First, the movie is a little like Scooby-Doo -- the "real" monsters never appear, and it's basically just an atmospheric crime thriller (or dark comedy, if you take the same attitude Price clearly did). And that's a lot of fun.

The other thing that struck me is that the characters are locked in a haunted house, one with "no windows, and no doors," leaving them the "chilling challenge" of finding a way out. As a budding Disneyphile, I thought, hang on, Vincent Price played host during the first years of Phantom Manor over at Disneyland Paris -- I wonder if he says those lines from the Ghost Host's spiel? Lo and behold, he does. So I quickly edited this together as an audio introduction to the film. Now, curious friends, you too can hear this.

Once you've listened to this, be sure to click here to see the original film in all its dark, hilarious, scary glory. And, be sure to come back Saturday evening, for more from the original Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

Vincent Price - Phantom Manor Excerpts
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