She'll Grow Back: Crazy? Probably.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy? Probably.

This is a musical primer on insanity, nerves, and how popular culture sees mental differences. It's not intended to be comprehensive by any means (I can think of five songs that belong here but are not included -- most notably John Conlee's "I Don't Remember Loving You"), but it's a nice 132 minutes anyway. I picked up most of these songs online over the last 15 months -- every time I saw a cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, I ganked it. In the end, I have 10 covers of that, plus the odd mashup and such. I also snagged a few songs here and here.

If you have suggestions for a second volume, please send them on. Suggestions with attached files will find a much better reception on my end, because I am very lazy.

(Edited to point out that Big'un halped compile this. Thanks, Big'un!)

01. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
02. Willie Nelson - Crazy
03. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices
04. Crazy (theremin cover)
05. Victoria Williams - Crazy Mary
06. Mel Brooks - High Anxiety
07. Jude - Crazy
08. Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression
09. Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!
10. Gregory Dee and The Avanties - Nervous Breakdown
11. The Kooks - Crazy
12. Neil Innes - How Sweet To Be An Idiot
13. Mates of State - Like U Crazy/Crazy
14. Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor - Insane Asylum
15. Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room
16. Cat Power - Crazy
17. Little Anthony & The Imperials - Goin' Out Of My Head
18. Hank Snow - I've Got A Tangled Mind
19. Josephine - They Took You Away, I'm Glad, I'm Glad
20. Josephine XIII - Down On The Funny Farm (Oy Vey)
21. Nelly Furtado - Crazy
22. Napoleon XIV - Split Level Head
23. Little Willie John - Spasms
24. 27 - Crazy
25. Gnarls Barkley vs. Prince - Crazy Times (Mashup)
26. Roger Miller - I'm A Nut
27. Ray Lamontagne - Crazy
28. Jim's Big Ego - Stress
29. Jeff Beck and Seal - Manic Depression
30. Patsy Cline - Crazy
31. Patsy Cline - Crazy Dreams (Live At The Grand Old Opry)
32. Shawn Colvin - Crazy
33. Minnie Smith - Crazy Blues
34. The Raconteurs - Crazy
35. Nancy Tucker - Everything Reminds Me Of My Therapist
36. Of Montreal - Crazy
37. Pearl Jam feat. Victoria Williams - Crazy Mary


Mike said...

Play Freebird man

The Chromium Swan said...

All work and no play makes Homer... ?

A great compilation, and I halped.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Hey, shit, I did forget to thank you. Thanks, Big'un.