She'll Grow Back: Avenue Q Rarities!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Avenue Q Rarities!

So four of us went to see Avenue Q at the Fox Theatre last night. The album is great, honestly, really good. But here are three songs that we didn't hear last night. One because it was cut from the show (I think) and two very very rare ones. (None of them are in the show, or on the album.)

"Rod's Christmas" is my least favorite, mostly because it's a compilation of Christmas lyrics set to showtunes, and I don't recognize many of the showtunes.

"Rod's Dilemma" is wonderful. It's from a promo disc passed out to all the people who voted for the Tony Awards back in 2004, when the show was up for lots of them. (And it won quite a few.)

"Tear It Up And Throw It Away" is flat-out great. I love jury duty, but I still think about this song every time jury duty is mentioned.

(I also have an hour-long podcast interview with Stephanie D'Abruzzo, the original voice of Kate and Lucy [and who many of you will recognize from her Scrubs appearance, with songs from the AQ writers], but I'm not posting that. Anyone who'd like to hear it can e-mail me, or just comment.) (Also, I'm editing this now to say that I've found a video of another cut song, played during the London intermission.)

Buy the album. I've given you the traditional convenient link under the songs.

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