She'll Grow Back: Ellen Page and Michael Cera - Anyone Else But You

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ellen Page and Michael Cera - Anyone Else But You

So here's my second post about Juno. I first heard of this movie through my daily surfing. Neil Gaiman linked to his free audio stories on, and also his own playlists there, which I clicked through to see who else was playing The Velvet Underground, and the most-played song that week was "I'm Sticking With You" as a result of it being on this album. (For the record, "...Sticking..." is used well in the movie, but not over a particularly memorable scene.)

And then I heard that Jason Bateman and Michael Cera were both in the movie, and I was convinced. Let me get this out of the way: Michael Cera is just adorable. I'm seriously, in my heart of hearts, considering watching Superbad because he's in it.

The film is wonderful, and it ends with this song. (We've previously heard about a minute of the original version of this song played during the movie.) We see Ellen Page and Michael Cera sitting in front of his character's house, just strumming and singing this, themselves, in their own quiet voices, in a nice slow pullout shot. It sums up their characters and their search for love, and the happy ending they've been hoping for during the last two hours. It's so damn sweet.

Did I mention yet how much I loved this movie? Jason Reitman, keep making films, and I'll keep watching them. If you're still in, I'm still in.

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The Chromium Swan said...

If a fellow Lost Child can find a movie about a smart-ass pregnant teen entertaining and sweet, I guess I should finally break down and watch it too. Up until this point the only two things I knew that the film had going for it was that it was nearly universally recommended by coworkers, and it had more than one AD castmember.