She'll Grow Back: Cat Power -- Sea Of Love

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cat Power -- Sea Of Love

Anyone who knows my musical taste at all will tell you how unlikely this is: There's an album that contains a Velvet Underground song, but that's not my favorite song on the album. Today and tomorrow, we're looking at two albums that's true of.

I love Cat Power. I first heard her cover of "I Found A Reason" (which you've all heard during V for Vendetta) back in about 2000, but I'd heard "Sea of Love" a year or so earlier. And they're both great, great covers that can -- if I'm in the right mood -- make me mist up.

But I just saw Juno last night, and Cat Power's "Sea of Love" pushed me past my tipping point on the mist-up meter during that film. Granted, it was already a highly emotional point of the movie, and I was already loving the film and the characters, but if a filmmaker brings in one of my 500 favorite songs during the emotional climax of a film (see also: "The Only Living Boy In New York" during Garden State) I turn into jelly.

Tomorrow, you'll all read about an original song from the soundtrack, and how I prefer it (in the context of the film) to "I'm Sticking With You" by Lou Reed and Maureen Tucker.

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The Chromium Swan said...

Sea of Love is among my all time favorites, and this is only the 3rd version I am personally familiar with (Phil Phillips and The Honeydrippers obviously being the other two). I prefer the original, but this ranks equal to the Honeydrippers... though with an insanely different tone.