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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Music Via Chicago

So a few months ago my good friend who shall remain nameless (excepting his nickname, which is "Big'un") traveled on business to the city of Chicago. And I spent a few hours before that compiling music to make his trip more pleasant. It's certainly not a complete collection of songs about the city (as he points out, "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" is missing, and that one's just the tip of the iceberg).

However, it is a nice collection of blues and indie songs that help to capture, in some small way, the soul of the city. In fact, I collected too much music to fit onto one CD, so if you're burning it to a disc I recommend that you remove tracks 11, 13, and 19. At some point, I may expand this into a 2-disc set, if anyone else goes to Chicago.

1. Home To Emily (Theme From The Bob Newhart Show)
2. Via Chicago (Wilco)
3. Dear Chicago (Ryan Adams)
4. Chicago Promenade (Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, live)
5. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)
6. A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Wish (Steve Goodman, live)
7. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
8. Chicago (Ladyslipper)
9. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night (The Hold Steady)
10. Sweet Home Chicago (Taj Mahal feat. The Pointer Sisters)
11. Chicago (Microfilm, Sufjan Stevens cover)
12. Chicago X 12 (Rogue Wave)
13. Chicago (Frank Sinatra)
14. My Kind Of Town (Frank Sinatra)
15. On A Freezing Chicago Street (Margo & The Nuclear So And Sos)
16. Old Man Chicago (Alberta Cross)
17. Via Chicago (Jeff Tweedy, live)
18. Born In Chicago (The Paul Butterfield Blues Band)
19. Chicago (Sufjan Stevens, easy listening mix)
20. Blue Chicago Moon (Songs: Ohia)
21. Sweet Home Chicago (The Blues Brothers)

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The Chromium Swan said...

This is a great anthology for walking around amongst the bridges of Chicago, re-visiting the sites, sounds and smells of the likes of Early Edition, Due South, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Experiencing the chocolate bridge in person is not to be missed... getting photographed on Bob's bronze couch was cool too... but the Canadian consulate is on the 20 somethingth floor of an office building, and a great disappointment.