She'll Grow Back: Not abandoned... I promise!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not abandoned... I promise!

I haven't abandoned this here bloggity. I'm just on vacation. (I'd planned to post from the road, but space is at a premium, so the computer stays home. Sorry.)

I'll be back next week, with more music.


boyhowdy said...

Just found the blog, and wanted to say the music and writing are great. Come back soon, and refreshed!

Mark H. Besotted said...

Well holy crap.

I've been reading Cover Lay Down for some time. And I've wanted to duplicate quite a few posts from there on Multiple Mondays. I'm back in town, but not posting for another few days.

Thanks for the kind words.

(And, since I went to Anaheim during my vacation, I'll be posting some lovely Disney music too.)

boyhowdy said...

Feel free to "duplicate" if you like -- I only ask that you give me the linkback/credit if you're going to recycle content.

Hope Disney was a gas...