She'll Grow Back: Disney Day 3: Soarin' Over California featuring Patrick Warburton

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disney Day 3: Soarin' Over California featuring Patrick Warburton

We only went to Disneyland's other park, California Adventure, for three reasons. One of them was Soarin'. And that was before we knew it featured Patrick Warburton, who most people know as Putty from Seinfeld, but who I prefer to think of as... The Tick. (Or Johnny Johnson on alternate Thursdays.) This attraction was scored by Jerry Goldsmith.

I've edited together six separate files (most from the insane completists -- and I say that with huge respect, tremendous gratitude and not a little awe -- at but sadly I couldn't find a master recording of Patrick's introductory safety spiel, so you get to hear audience reaction to that. I've put in the maximum amount of Warburton-y goodness here, though I had a hard time getting the varying audio qualities to match.

If you visit a Disney park and don't see Soarin', you will make me sad on a deep personal level. Before you listen to this file, get out an orange and a bottle of Pine-Sol. Open the Pine-Sol at 2:06, and take a big whiff. Then peel the orange at 4:03. Wanna see the whole video? The quality sucks, but go ahead and click here.

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