She'll Grow Back: Disney Day 4: A Trip To Yesterland

Friday, May 16, 2008

Disney Day 4: A Trip To Yesterland

Howdy, folks. Here's some early Disneyland audio to round out our week of Disneyana MP3s.

First, you get to hear "Your Trip To Disneyland," a 1955 promotional record with a talking Tinkerbell, and some wrong-sounding Disney characters. You get to hear about some of the early attractions, and then presumably beg your parents nonstop till they take you there.

Then, our patron saint, the hallowed Thurl Ravenscroft, narrates a trip on The Jungle Cruise. This 1968 recording was paired with the audio from the then-new Enchanted Tiki Room attraction. Annnnnnd it contains the original, un-PC narration. Listen... if you dare. (Sadly, my favorite Jungle Cruise joke, "Schweitzer Falls, named of course after the famous Dr. Albert Falls," had apparently not been integrated into the script yet.)

Back tomorrow with the return of non-Disney music. (Why oh why haven't they had someone record Stagger Lee?!?)

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