She'll Grow Back: Okay -- what just happened?!?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Okay -- what just happened?!?

Somehow, some way, yesterday I used up 10 GB of bandwidth. Google isn't showing me any links to this site that weren't up a full week ago. I don't even have 700 MB of files, so that means my entire collection would've had to be downloaded... lotsa times in 12 hours. (If this happens again, I'll have to start thinking about other hosting solutions. I LIKE being obscure -- keeps the costs low.)

Did someone link to me? Am I (gasp, horror) the subject of a DOS attack (and if so, why on earth)? What exactly happened? If anyone has any ideas, I'm offering a reward. Information leading me to figure out what-exactly-the-hell will earn you a piece of delicious candy!

Back tomorrow with Sam Jackson's magnificent Stagger Lee.


boyhowdy said...

Sigh...welcome to the world of blogging. This is why I ended up having to pay for "unlimited" bandwidth.

I don't have a solution necessarily, man, but I will say that I use a file hosting serve that tracks number of downloads for each song -- and like many bloggers, every once in a while I discover that a particular file or set of files is getting downloaded WAY more than it should, which seems to mean that someone has posted or shared a link to the file directly (google won't always pick this up).

My solution: if a particular file gets slammed like that, I change its file name, re-up it, and re-do the link on the page. Takes a minute or three, but it makes direct file-links go broken. Do this once or twice, and I find it generally dissuades people from link-passing rather than linking TO the site.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Thanks. Sadly my ridiculously cheap host (it's a great bargain, really, and I'd hate to leave them) won't do that, or I'd have a better idea what's happening.

I did find this though:

I suppose if every single internet user in Portugal and Brazil wanted to hear about Stag, that could do it...