She'll Grow Back: The Sads - Why Do You Do Me Like You Do

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sads - Why Do You Do Me Like You Do

The Sads are a Prague band featuring my good friend, Steven Rusling. Incidentally, they're also the band who recorded this blog's namesake song, though that doesn't sound much like their finished album. The album release show is tonight in Prague, so I thought I'd post a song from it here.

This is "Why Do You Do Me Like You Do," which is not likely to be the first, or even the second, single from the album. But it's one of my personal favorites, and probably has the most luxurious production. (If Nick Drake had been happier with the pop feel of stuff like "Pink Moon," I imagine this is what his later stuff would sound like.)

If you click on the Myspace link above, you can also hear "Send Me The Pillow" which has a nice droney atmosphere, and "Phoebe Cates" which has become a part of my brain. There's no buy link today, since the album is only for sale if you go to the show in Prague. (When it's available, I'll come back and edit this post.)

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