She'll Grow Back: Stagger Lee Saturdays - Curley Bridges

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stagger Lee Saturdays - Curley Bridges

Curley Bridges is a North Carolina rhythm-and-blues musician, who's been recording and gigging for over 55 years. This is a cut from his 1998 album Keys to the Blues, which also includes covers of Ivory Joe Turner, Lowell Fulson, B. B. King, and George Gershwin.

This is a nice, loud rockin' version, and Curley starts out the song with a little joke, rather than leaves tumblin' down. He alternately growls and croons, improvises lyrical changes, and tinkles his piano to its breaking point.


CD said...

Hey, for your "I Put A Spell On You" collection, check out the remix version here:

Actually, most of the mix that i've heard is pretty money.

CD said...

i guess technically they're mash-ups, but whatevs.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Cool, thanks. And for the record, that track further down remixes that old Disney record Story from The Haunted Mansion (the one without Ron Howard), but doesn't include Grim Grinning Ghosts, sadly...

I'm gonna grab the whole zip -- I like me some mashups.

CD said...

My wife's best friend is getting married soon, and she's petrified of zombies, so, of course, i have to make her a zombie mix. Whilst compiling that yesterday, i stumbled across that mash-up mix.

Gotta love them interwebs.