She'll Grow Back: Silly Sundays - Bobby The Poet - A White Christmas and The Three O'Clock Weather Report

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silly Sundays - Bobby The Poet - A White Christmas and The Three O'Clock Weather Report

Okay, here's a weird one for yas. You know how Bob Dylan put out a Christmas album this year? Sure you do. Well, waaaaay back in the 1960s, Bob was one of the biggest things ever. Impressionists loved to add him to their stable of characters. Impressionists also loved to do Kennedys. Hence, here are the two Bobbys together at last.

A lot of people out there assume this is a parody of Simon and Garfunkel's "Silent Night/9 O'Clock News." And since the album this was eventually released on came out in 1967, months after the Simon and Garfunkel track, that would seem to be a safe assumption. But that album was largely recorded in front of a studio audience (and this is clearly not), and this single says 1962. I'm chalking this up to odd coincidence. (On the other hand, knowing what I do about Paul and Artie's odd sense of humor, it's not inconceivable they'd heard this record and the name stuck with them too.) I don't tend to use the "Musical Mysteries" tag when a record is as clearly sourced as this, but I'm putting it on today anyway. Anyone with facts or info is requested to post it in the comments.

Tomorrow we'll be hearing about the history of one song on Bob's album (oh and by the way, he doesn't do "White Christmas" on the album), with widely varying historical versions of the song, and then on Tuesday I'll complete this little Dylan segment so we can move on to other things.

Bobby The Poet - White Christmas
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Mark H. Besotted said...

Aha. Cameo/Parkway singles always had a copyright date of the DESIGN OF THE LABEL.

Says so right here: