She'll Grow Back: Curtis Mayfield - Ghetto Child (Little Child Runnin' Wild demo)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Curtis Mayfield - Ghetto Child (Little Child Runnin' Wild demo)

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the music of black action films of the 70's, thanks to my good friend Big'un. And I've always loved Curtis Mayfield's soundtrack for Super Fly. I've been coveting the special edition of this album for years, ever since it was first released, and I finally got around to upgrading last week.

And it's really good. There's a nice alternate version of "Pusherman" with some wonderfully raucous horns. There are instrumental versions of several songs (one of which I'll be using for my own nefarious remixing purposes, which you may hear about later) and a couple of demos.

This is the original demo for "Little Child Runnin' Wild", one of my two favorites from this album. This demo doesn't have the delicious funky grit of the album version, but the quieter version really highlights the emotional core of the song, the world-weary near-suicidal fatigue of it all. Stuff like this is why I've spent such a larger amount of time listening to the album than watching the film. (Not to slight the film; it's meaningful and moving, and the political points are well-taken. But this soundtrack means so much more to me personally, and I love it like crazy.)

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